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Current SmartFix Network Status:  ACTIVE 

Known Outages:

There are currently no known outages

Planned Outages:

There are currently no planned outages

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Contact Technical Support

We have a dedicated support team for SmartFix users. If you need immediate assistance please call:

0800 453 422

If you have a technical question please email:

Note: We are closed for the holidays from 2pm Fri 20 Dec. Support is available again from Mon 6 Jan 2020.


SmartFix News

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We send out regular status updates for SmartFix users by both text and email. Make sure you're informed about planned outages and technical issues by signing up for SmartFix Alerts. 


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Join SmartFix!

SmartFix is NZ’s most extensive GNSS Reference Station Network providing a real-time kinematic (RTK) correction service over the internet, and RINEX files for post-processing.

Smartfix delivers:

  • cm level real-time kinematic corrections in NZGD2000
  • post-processing solutions
  • sub-meter GIS corrections

You don’t have to be a Leica Geosystems user to enjoy the benefits of SmartFix, if your GPS or GNSS receiver can connect to the internet, the SmartFix network can deliver the data you need.

It's a subscription based service with casual and annual rates. Email to find out more.

New users are welcome to try the SmartFix service for FREE for 30 days.

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