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Convert your excavator into a weapon of mass production!

Why choose an engcon tiltrotator?

Engcon are a world-leading manufacturer of tiltrotators. Founded in Sweden in 1990, engcon has developed a reputation for quality, innovation and first class after-sales support. For these reasons, Global Survey have chosen to partner with engcon to offer New Zealand Contractors a full range of tiltrotators and attachments backed up by our unparalleled support.

Work more efficiently

A tiltrotator is an excavator's flexible wrist allowing you to tackle a wide variety of tasks from any angle, often without the need to reposition the excavator. This results in higher productivity, less time spent on each job and less wear and tear on your equipment.

With an engcon tiltrotator you will typically save at least 15% across most jobs and up to 50% on some specific tasks.

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How is an engcon tiltrotator different?

Indent Triangle 20x20 No background (2) Sandwich setup

With the engcon sandwich setup you can take the tiltrotator off when not needed and maximise your breakout torque for plain digging and maximum lifting capacity when needed.

With a direct mounted tiltrotator the machine is down completely if service and repair is required, with an Encgon sandwich setup, if the tiltrotator needs service the machine can keep working.

Indent Triangle 20x20 No background (2) EC-Oil included at no extra cost

Never fight another hose with built-in pressure again! Quick and easy exchange of your hydraulic tools makes for improved productivity and hassle-free operation!

The engcon EC-Oil system automatically connects hydraulics, power and central lubrication between the quick coupler of the excavator and under the tiltrotator. 

It’s the only system on the market that can connect hydraulic tools at full system pressure.

Indent Triangle 20x20 No background (2) Change hydraulic tools in just 10 seconds

Time is money and when your earthworks project requires multiple attachments it’s easy to waste a lot of time stopping work to swap between buckets, compactors, grapples and grabs.

One of the key features of the engcon quick hitch is the ability to change hydraulic tools in just 10 seconds without leaving the cab.

Simple, hassle-free and very very fast!

Indent Triangle 20x20 No background (2) Locally serviced and supported

The Global Survey team are your local engcon experts, we can connect remotely to diagnose the system in the event that there is an issue. Our technicians in Auckland and Christchurch are servicing engcon titlrotators and stocking spare parts.

We know how important it is to avoid machine downtime. Together with engcon Australia and engcon Sweden, you are backed up by a network of experienced technicians who can quickly and efficiently resolve any support issues.


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An engcon tiltrotator to suit every excavator!

  • Options for excavators between 1.5 - 33 tons.
  • A powerful tool for Contractors involved in earthworks, drainage, trenching, engineering, roading and landscaping. 
  • Compatible with all makes and models of excavator.
  • Available as a stand alone tiltrotator, or can be integrated with GPS machine control systems.
  • Ability to remove the tiltrotator when not required with engcon’s unique sandwich setup.

See the range of engcon tiltrotators available in New Zealand:

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DC2 Smart App

The market’s first remote support system

Developed using the latest technology, engcon DC2 offers remote support. If a fault is indicated, you contact the remote support team which then takes control of the system via a server link and the DC2 app in your Smartphone.

The remote support team can then carry out troubleshooting, basic calibration and track larger faults, saving both time and money. As part of the installation process the Global Survey team will get you set up with the app and take you through the features and functionality.

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An engcon tool for every job

Use your existing buckets or choose from a wide range of engcon buckets, tools and accessories

  • Grading, digging, trenching buckets
  • Grapple, grabs & rippers
  • Rotating brushes & sweepers
  • Compactors & pallet forks
  • Upper grabs for your existing attachments with our without EC-Oil



NZ Customer Stories


Troydon Contractors - The Changing Face of Construction

Troydon Contractors have never shied away from embracing construction technology and their recent purchase of an engcon tiltrotator is proving to be a versatile and valuable kit in their growing toolbox!

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Standing Out - JCB Hydradig & engcon Tiltrotator Powerful Combination

We caught up with Ian Holmes from IH Earthworks to check out the shiny new addition to his fleet—a wheeled 11-tonne JCB Hydradig with the addition of an engcon tiltrotator

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engcon Tiltrotator - Make Your Excavator More Profitable

The world of civil construction is changing. Over the past 10 years, one of the most popular trends has been towards the mass adoption of tiltrotators. In some areas of the world the adoption has been so widespread that it’s unusual for a Contractor not to have a tiltrotator!

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Maximise excavator capability by reducing: 

  • Assignment time
  • Fuel consumption
  • Costs
  • Environmental impact
  • Machine wear


When there's no need to move the machine, the operator can stay put and let technology share the responsibility.

  • Products developed with innovative safety
  • Designs that help the operator meet his safety responsibilities
  • No need to move the machine as often
  • Simple tool changes – no need for the operator to leave the cab
  • The bucket can reach difficult places
  • Accessories and tools from a single supplier means peace of mind


New modes, new jobs and simpler handling.

  • No need to move the machine for advanced operations
  • The bucket can reach difficult places
  • Quick and easy tool changes
  • The machine can perform different types of work in a shorter time


Easier work, lower costs and higher safety.

  • Quick and easy tool changes
  • Fewer machine moves
  • Better fuel economy
  • Reach confined spaces and hard-to-get-to surfaces
  • Less wear

Quote MarksI now have the most capable and versatile Swiss Army Knife style excavator onsite, which is already turning heads and delivering profitable work. 


Quote MarksWhen it came to finally taking the plunge and finding the right tiltrotator, I knew it had to be an engcon. The whole team were fantastic throughout the whole buying journey, answering questions or queries I had about the tiltrotator and providing first class service.


Quote MarksIt’s a really phenomenal piece of kit and I’d urge any operator reading this to make an appointment to try one out!