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Training Academy Detection


Boost your knowledge as you learn from our expert Detection team of qualified instructors who deliver technical training courses designed to deliver professional development and key industry skills. 

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Extend your knowledge with Utility Detection Training Courses designed to take a deep dive into the practical applications of these technologies.


The LINZ Utility Location standard provides a new framework for recording the location of utility assets. Instead of defining the position in terms of the property boundaries, they are defined in terms of the geodetic control network. This is the same network used to define the position of property boundaries. Virtually all modern spatial data, including aerial imagery, uses this framework – which ensures it can be accurately integrated and spatially overlaid. Effectively the framework, and this standard, provide the glue that enables disparate spatial datasets to be joined together.

What you'll learn:

Using and understanding the standard

How to integrate the standard into your location capture workflows

What is TM 2000

What  is vertical datum 16

How to find Survey Marks & to get TM2000 coordinates

How to ensure the data is collected to the required accuracy standards

Using and understanding the limits of positioning technology (This includes GPS/GNSS & Total stations)

Office based training

No Survey Equipment needed

Please bring calculator

Duration: 1 Day


$1,500 per person

Experience Level:

Locators, Contractors, and Engineers who undertake the actual survey and measurement of assets.

Full training notes supplied.

Group Training on request.

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Learn the fundamentals of GNSS/GPS for the purposes of utility locating and mapping including how to operate a GNSS/GPS system, determine the quality of the data collected, NZ survey coordinate systems and providing suitable data for downstream use. 

What is GNSS

How does GNSS work

What prevents GNSS/GPS from working (and what we can do about it)

Introduction to Coordinate systems

Vertical Coordinate systems

Horizontal Coordinate systems

Precision vs Accuracy

GNSS accuracy vs reliability

AS5488 Quality level A & B measurement and tolerance

Practical outdoor exercises

Duration: 1 Day


$1,500 per person

Experience Level:

Professional Locators, Construction Engineers, Graduates and anyone in the construction industry who may need to use GNSS/GPS to accurately locate and map underground utilities.

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Indent Triangle 20x20 Grey Background-Medium-Quality CUSTOMISED TRAINING

  • Customised Survey Workflows

  • Customised Captivate Stylesheets

  • Customised Pointcloud Workflows

Talk to us about your training requirements and how we can tailor a course to fit your specific project or team.

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For product specific training, Leica E-Learning offers a comprehensive range of training courses and e-learning opportunities to all Leica customers. 

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Enquire here for more information on our Reality Capture training courses.

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Tap into decades of knowledge and technical expertise with our team of qualified industry experts.


Bruce Robinson

Director & Survey Manager

With more than 30 years experience as a Surveyor, Bruce's specialist areas of interest include geomatics, geodesy, HDS, BIM, IT, and communication technology to improve spatial data capture and analysis. Bruce has been instrumental in developing the SmartFix RTK network.

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Campbell McNair

Construction Specialist

Construction and detection technology including Lasers, Pipe Lasers, Cable Locators, Ground Penetrating Radar and vertical build solutions


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Mark Tucker

Construction Specialist and Customer Services

Construction and detection technology support and customer services


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