Reliable utility detection and mapping solutions

Our suite of detection solutions are designed to enable safer, faster detection of underground utilities and assets. We offer the latest in detection technology hardware combined with intuitive software, backed up by above and beyond sales support, including training, calibration and servicing.

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Leica DD DA 600 x 400

Leica Cable Locators 

Comprehensive utility detection solutions effectively reduce the likelihood of human error and enable easier and more efficient cable and pipe locating. Ultimately saving you time and money.

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Leica DS2000

Leica DS2000 GPR 

Increase safety, speed up work and lower asset management costs with the ability to prevent hazardous outages and collect more information. The Leica DS2000 Ground Penetrating Radar betters your business by making it safer, faster and more efficient.

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Leica DS2000 600 x 400


The Leica DSX Ground Penetrating Radar is an all-in-one utility detection system designed for civil construction. A straightforward integrated mapping solution that doesn’t require specialist interpretation of data.

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IDSGeoRadar_Stream DP_Stream DP


Stream DP is the revolutionary multichannel GPR array solution for real-time 3D mapping of underground utilities. Featuring the new radical Equalized scrambled Technology – EsT. Ergonomically designed for easy handling and transportation, Stream DP can be efficiently deployed by a single user thanks to its light weight and its compact size.

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Leica DS2000_600 x 400

IDS C-Thrue Concrete Scanner

The C-Thrue Concrete Scanner is an all-in-one Ground Penetrating Radar designed specifically for accurate scanning and real time analysis of concrete structures. Now you can literally see through concrete structures and see real-time scan data onsite.

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Stream C Thumbnail 600 x 400

IDS Stream C GPR

A compact Ground Penetrating Radar mass-array solution for real-time 3D mapping of underground utilities and features. Daily use is aided by ergonomic features including electronic ride height adjustment, options to tow manually or with a small vehicle, and a motor assisted drive wheel.

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NZ Leica Stories

GPR Aerialsmith 702 x 336

Aerialsmith Surveying: Seeing Below Ground with Leica GPR

We caught up with Aerialsmiths onsite in Auckland, on this job they’re accurately locating underground services with the Leica DS2000 ground penetrating radar. “It’s really important for Contractors who are coming onsite to start excavations, that all the underground services are accurately marked on the ground, before they begin the work.”

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Putting Safety First | Investing In Utility Detection

Putting safety first is a key focus for Multimedia Communications in Christchurch. Their team of 80+ staff deliver fibre, data and electrical network installations across New Zealand’s South Island to residential and commercial customers. Before excavating or penetrating the ground, they need to find and trace the exact location of underground utilities such as power and gas to safeguard against the risk of accidental strikes.

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Leica-GPR-product-page-702 x 336

Ground Penetrating Radar Explained

What is GPR? - Ground Penetrating Radar put simply is a piece of equipment that sends pulses of energy into the ground and then ‘listens’ for the reflected signals coming back to the unit, this provides a complete picture of what’s going on underground including location, depth, and dimensions of objects. The onboard tablet provides a real-time visual indication of underground objects, ground layers, and densities.

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GPR Made Easy | Leica DSX Utility Detection System

Introducing the Leica DSX – an all in one utility detection system designed for non-experienced and first time ground penetrating radar [GPR] users.

It is a highly advanced yet easy-to-use solution for locating and mapping buried utilities in a safe, fast and reliable way, without the costs of hiring a specialist. Investing in the Leica DSX will also save on potential damage costs, cost of utility surveying, downtime of damages, and training.

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We're with you every step of the way

Our specialist construction & detection team work alongside our customers as technical partners, able to provide indepth advice and training. Reach out to them for help with any curly questions or challenges.


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