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Every Surveyor is defined by how they overcome challenges. Having the latest technology at your fingertips speeds up the process at every stage, boosting productivity and delivering more for your clients. Leica Geosystems has a history spanning over 200 years of developing technology, designed by Surveyors for Surveyors. 


Leica TS16 Robotic Total Station

Self-learning, survey-grade total station for all conditions

Automatically adjusting to any environmental conditions, the Leica Viva TS16 robotic total station locks onto your, and only your, target.

Cover a wide range of applications when this total station sees precisely what you see. Known for the most comprehensive imaging capability available, you can capture exact conditions for any worksite through the self-learning capability of the Leica Viva TS16.

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Leica Nova MS60 x600

Leica Nova MS60 MultiStation

Self-learning total station with GNSS connectivity and digital imaging

Scanning and in-field result delivery with the Leica Nova MS60 has been made simpler through the instant creation of point clouds, images and/or 3D models, and comparisons in one view. Visualisations are clearer and easier to see on the 5” screen. The unique capabilities of the Leica Nova MultiStation truly deliver the new experience in measuring technology.

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Leica GS18I GNSS

GNSS tilt & imaging

A versatile, survey-grade GNSS RTK tilt rover with visual positioning. Designed for surveying professionals to measure points which previously could not be measured with a GNSS rover easily and accurately. You can quickly capture the site in imagery and measure points from them, either in the field or later back in the office.

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Leica AP20 AutoPole_x300

Leica AP20 AutoPole

Tilt pole for total stations

The Leica AP20 AutoPole is a unique and productivity-boosting smart system for Leica robotic total stations.

The AP20 AutoPole measures pole height, pole tilt and assigns a unique ID to your prism, removing the three most common sources of total station error. 

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MacBook Pro on the white table_Leica Infinity Screen

Leica Infinity Software

Infinitely connected. Infinite possibilities.

Leica Infinity is a productivity powerhouse that connects field to office like never before. Leica Infinity enhances data communication, enables complex project collaboration, and speeds up post-processing by connecting Leica Geosystems services, CAD workflows, and even 3rd party services.

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Smartfix Logo

GNSS RTK Network Service

SmartFix is a subscription based service offering GNSS Network RTK corrections throughout New Zealand.

Smartfix delivers:

  • cm level real-time kinematic corrections in NZGD2000
  • post-processing solutions
  • sub-meter GIS corrections

New users are welcome to try the SmartFix service for FREE for 30 days.

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Customer Stories

Envelope Hero 702x336

Envelope: Overcoming surveying challenges with the Leica GS18I

In our latest  video, we caught up with the Envelope survey team, high up in the hills above Ōwhiro Bay in Wellington, as they work with Zipline Technologies to help deliver a project that will result in four ziplines and extensive walking tracks throughout the regenerated native bush.

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Central Interceptor Project | Inspecting Surfaces with the New Leica MS60

The Watercare Central Interceptor Project in Auckland has reached an exciting stage as the team prepare for the arrival of Hiwa-i-te-Rangi their giant new Tunnel Boring Machine [TBM] which is currently being built in Germany. The main contractor Ghella Abergeldie Joint Venture are building the Central Interceptor over six years with most of the construction work taking place underground. The 190m long TBM will be used to bore through the earth’s substrate and lay segments of the tunnel as it goes.

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Abley: Optimising augmented reality in construction with vGIS

One of the most exciting and relevant new digital technologies is Augmented Reality (AR). AR offers gains across the construction industry with benefits for site safety, utilities design, visualisation and asset management across the civil and commercial sectors.

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Investing in the Next Generation of University of Otago Survey School Graduates

The Global Survey team recently ran two workshops for the final year students at University of Otago Survey School. From a practical perspective the plan was to demonstrate how the latest technologies are able to make graduates more productive and efficient for when they enter the work force at the end of their current year of study.

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We're with you every step of the way

Our specialist Survey team work alongside our customers as technical partners, able to provide indepth advice and training. Reach out to them for help with any curly questions or technical challenges.

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Bryan Claridge

North Island

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Mark Green

North Island

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Richard Harrison 

South Island

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Our Support Team


Martin Drabble

Technical Support /Survey and SmartFix technical support

North & South Island

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Stuart Fullam 

Geomatics and Reality Capture Tech Support

Survey and SmartFix technical support

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