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Leica Geosystems is committed to the continual development of technology solutions to ensure that our customers are provided with the best possible efficiencies in the field and return on their investment. For this reason, we are pleased to bring you the latest updates on the Leica iCON  site field software.

New features in Leica iCON Site v8.0

Indent Triangle 20x20 No background (2) Smart coding

In the iCON Field v8.0 it is now easier to measure points with codes. The codes get automatically assigned to points in a sequential order, with the newly introduced “Smart coding” feature from the “Measure” application.

  • Multiple code sets with preferred codes can be generated.
Quick mode CC200

Indent Triangle 20x20 No background (2) Smart coding – Configuration

After the “Smart code sets” have been defined, the user would need to access the “Quick codes” page to activate the desired “Smart code set” and to choose one of the two available sequence methods:

  • Zig zag – points will be measured from the top to bottom of the list and backwards from bottom to top.
  • Same direction – points will always be measured from the top to bottom of the list.
Zig Zag Method  (1)

Indent Triangle 20x20 No background (2) Zig Zag method

  • After the configuration is accepted, the user is redirected to the application, where a split screen will pop up. On the left side the codes which are part of the smart set list are shown and on the right side the map elements.

  • Before storing the points, the user has the ability to configure the polyline geometry which will influence on how the unique codes will be connected as you measure

  • The polyline geometry can be changed at any time or even the sequence can be “paused” if a specific point needs to be measured with a code which is not part of the “smart code set”. As soon as the “Smart code” is configured again in the measure bar, the user can measure again from the last point

  • A new license has been introduced to enable the smart coding functionality on the controller: 996305 CSW292, iCON Smart Coding, for controller.

Indent Triangle 20x20 No background (2) Leica ConX

Log into ConX Server CC200  (1)

Indent Triangle 20x20 No background (2) Create new project on Leica ConX

The user can now login from iCON field v8.0 to the cloud server by using the Leica ConX credentials. A new “Project” field has been added to the “Clouds” page.

New Project ConX  CC200

Indent Triangle 20x20 No background (2) Log in to ConX server

After the successful login, all the created projects on the Leica ConX server are listed. On top of that, the user can now directly create the project from iCON on the cloud server without accessing the web browser page. This will enhance the workflow of sending design data to another controller or a machine.

New Export Option CC200

Indent Triangle 20x20 No background (2) Export data as Avoidance zone to Leica ConX

In iCON field v8.0 you can export the measured/design data as “avoidance” to the Leica ConX server, making it easier to directly assign it to different machines.

GeoCloud CC200

Indent Triangle 20x20 No background (2) Hexagon GeoCloud Drive

The all-new Hexagon GeoCloud Drive, powered by HxDR, is integrated into iCON field with version 8.0 for file exchange within the entire Hexagon product ecosystem and is available for any user without an additional field SW license. In order to connect, a GeoCloud Drive license needs to be registered as a Service under My Products in myWorld and the required users to be assigned to this registered license. When this is set up correctly the assigned users can authenticate with their myWorld credentials via a browser pop-up and start navigating through their GeoCloud Drive folders and exchanging files in the same way as with any other cloud service.

Mini Map CC200

Indent Triangle 20x20 No background (2) Mini Map

With 8.0 a new function for controllers called Mini Map will be introduced. The Mini Map feature allows to quickly jump on the map to a different view position while keeping the same zoom level. The Mini Map can be called by tapping on the button above the HOME button. By tapping somewhere in the Mini Map flyout the map view will move to the selected area. The currently visible map content is indicated by an orange frame in the flyout. The North-East rotation will be kept however, the 3D map rotation will be turned back to 2D top view.

Indent Triangle 20x20 No background (2) Enhanced layout for measure bar and info panel config screen

Page Configuration CC200  (2)
Page Configuration CC200  (1)

Indent Triangle 20x20 No background (2) Measure bar configuration

Small changes in the measure bar config screen will bring a big benefit when customizing the measure bar. The preview of the measure bar is now at the top of the screen and always visible. In case the list of available options which can be configured has to be scrolled, the top options will hide behind the preview bar. As a nice add-on, the lists of options for each button are centred below the appropriate button in the preview bar.

Indent Triangle 20x20 No background (2) Info panel configuration

For the info panel config page, the layout has been modernized and simplified. The preview is no longer available on top of the right part but now the different pages listed on the left can be configured directly. Furthermore, the page layout is changed for a cleaner appearance. If a page cannot be configured like the first page of Stakeout applications, the frame and header bar is shown in a light grey colour.

Indent Triangle 20x20 No background (2) Trench surface creation

In iCON Site v8.0 it is now possible to create simple trench design models on the field. It is intended to create the trench surface together with the wireframes lines that will follow a road line or any other line/arc element. The user will be able to stakeout the surface, the wireframe lines, but also to calculate the excavation volume for the trench (using a Surface to Surface calculation method). Hence, by calling the “Trench creation” tool from the Volumes application, the user has now the option to define a new trench pattern or to directly work with existing ones

Trench definition CC200
Trench pattern along a road line CC200
Trench excavation CC200

Indent Triangle 20x20 No background (2) Trench definition

As soon as the user reaches the “Dimensioning” page, a default profile for the trench will be shown. At this point, the depth, length and height values can be modified by directly tapping on the available input fields. The changes will be immediately reflected, and the map preview will update accordingly

Indent Triangle 20x20 No background (2) Trench pattern along a road line

At this point the user sets the left cross, respectively right cross slopes to obtain a unique trench profile at a given depth. After the definition of the profile has been done it can be either saved for later use, or applied directly along a road line, arc or line element

Indent Triangle 20x20 No background (2) Trench excavation

It must be mentioned that the start and end values can be adjusted, but it is also possible to add a horizontal/vertical offset. To create the wireframe lines, it is required to toggle on the next button:button

By accepting the changes, a new “Save as” screen will pop up, and after the “.xml” file is stored, the user can afterwards directly work with the surface and lines in different applications.

Indent Triangle 20x20 No background (2) Dual slope surface

In the iCON Site v8.0 a new tool has been introduced in the well-known “Volumes” application to create a surface by defining slopes along the X and/or Y axis of a line. With the new “Dual slopes” tool the user can create a surface by simply picking just one point from the map to position the surface. In case two points are selected from the map, the slope along Y axis, azimuth, and surface side width values are automatically calculated. Furthermore, a slope along an X axis (perpendicular to Y axis) can be given. The newly created surface can be further used or exported.

Dual slope tool – surface definition 1 CC200
Dual slope tool – surface definition 2 CC200


Indent Triangle 20x20 No background (2) Autodesk

The iCON app that was available for BIM360 already has been added to the Autodesk Construction Cloud (ACC) app store as well. This will allow users in addition to also upload / download data to / from their ACC projects from iCON.

Indent Triangle 20x20 No background (2) Tolerance config on the fly & standard deviation in setup

tolerance settings for Setup CC200

Sometimes it might be needed to change the tolerance settings for Setup within the setup routine. For Setup Anywhere, Setup Over Known Point and Setup Pilot this is now supported with v8.0.

For Setup Anywhere and Setup Pilot a new button is introduced in the residual screen between cancel and accept. For Setup Over Known Point a similar button will be shown between cancel and accept as soon as station coordinates can be calculated.

Tapping on this button will allow to change to any pre-defined tolerance or any existing user defined tolerance.

tolerance  Setup CC200

Changing the tolerance for setup here, will have a direct effect on this specific setup. However, the tolerance will be only changed for this specific setup and not for any setup that will be done afterwards. The used tolerance will be shown in total station setup report and any report where the total station information is shown

tolerance Deselect CC200

After changing the tolerances to medium, the residuals are in tolerance.
In the residual screen is also the new standard deviation for the station coordinate visible. This value comes with 3D and 2D setups. This is the third quality indicator for a setup beside the residuals and the Control point distribution

Leica iCON Site software is protected and can only be loaded onto instruments with a valid software maintenance date.

Download the release notes 

New features in Leica iCON Site v7.8

cc80 iCONExclusion areas of surfaces 1
cc80 iCON 2
cc80 iCON Exclusion areas of surfaces 3
Indent Triangle 20x20 No background (2) Exclusion areas of surfaces
  • New functionality has been introduced in Volumes application giving the ability to define and create exclusion areas (holes) on the measuring surface.

  • Within the boundary creation mode, press to start creating surface inner boundaries and form areas that will be excluded from the surface.

  • The excluded areas are removed from the volumetric calculations (area and volume calculations).

  • Additionally, circular objects are now selectable in volumes application for example, to remove the areas of manholes or roundabouts. This was not possible in previous version.

cc80 iCON Bucket Calibration

Indent Triangle 20x20 No background (2) Bucket Calibration

In v7.8 it is now possible to recalibrate and select buckets within the Leica iCON site Excavator application.

Pressing the relevant angle gets calibrated and the value field shows the mounting offset angle of the sensor.

cc80 iCON guidance to point

Indent Triangle 20x20 No background (2) Guidance to point

Points selection has been added to be able to place the bucket on a known point for checking or starting the excavation. This was not possible in previous versions of the software.

cc80 iCON Line creation

Indent Triangle 20x20 No background (2) Line creation

Measure bar is enhanced with a Start/Stop line functionality allowing the operator to create lines by measuring points with the bucket or tapping on existing points. It does no longer require to switch to another application (e.g. Draw) to create lines as this can be done directly within the Leica iCON site excavator app.

cc80 Auto logging

Indent Triangle 20x20 No background (2) Automatic point logging

Automatic point logging functionality has been introduced in v7.8. The operator can now log points automatically using the active tool point or all 3 bucket points (left edge, center and right edge) at a defined distance ot time interval.

cc80 iCON Hight reference

Indent Triangle 20x20 No background (2) Height reference from tool point

The current height of the bucket toolpoint can be set as a height reference with one button press. The workflow to make a surface flat becomes easier now as it is no longer required to store and select the point or type in the height value.
Press the button to apply the height of the toolpoint as a height reference.

cc80 iCON Crosshair

Indent Triangle 20x20 No background (2) Crosshairs and cutting edge of the bucket

Visualisition of the bucket has been enhanced with the introduction of crosshairs and cutting edge indicators. Bucket visibility is improved with the cutting edge line. In addition, it becomes now easier to use the crosshairs to align the bucket with lines and surfaces.

cc80 iCONcut and fill

Indent Triangle 20x20 No background (2) Dual Cut & Fill view

Combining the Cut & Fill View together with the Dual Cut & Fill tool from the toolbox results to a screen showing the Cut & Fill values of the Left and Right bucket edges. This configuration helps the operator to focus more on the excavation work and easier check the status of the excavation.

cc80 iCON sound

Indent Triangle 20x20 No background (2) Sound notification

  • Sound notification within the Leica iCON site excavator has been introduced in this version. Different sounds can be configured for the height and/or the side distance.

  • The configurable sound can be triggered when e.g the Cut&Fill (height indication) is within the defined tolerance. To avoid over digging, a different sound can be set together with the threshold value to alert the user when the bucket gets closer to the desired height.

Leica iCON Site software is protected and can only be loaded onto instruments with a valid software maintenance date.

Download the release notes 

Indent Triangle 20x20 No background (2) Previous Software Updates

Leica iCON Site v7.5

Leica iCON Site v7.0

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