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Leica Geosystems is committed to the continual development of technology solutions to ensure that our customers are provided with the best possible efficiencies in the field and return on their investment. For this reason, we are pleased to bring you the latest software updates.

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New features in Leica Captivate v8.50

Captivate 8.50 Tilt Strength

Indent Triangle 20x20 No background (2) GS18 T/I – Tilt strength indicator bar

With Captivate v8.50 a tilt strength indicator bar has been introduced, which
graphically represents the current tilt initialisation strength, making the user
aware of the current tilt quality. When the bar is low, it indicates a decreased tilt
initialisation quality, which means further pole movements are required to
increase the tilt quality and avoid losing initialisation.

Making the user aware of the tilt initialisation strength ensures that tilt
initialisation can be maintained and maximised, therefore improving productivity, user experience and measurement quality.

Captivate 8.50 (1)

Indent Triangle 20x20 No background (2) Tools – Regional configurator

Regional configurator tool allows direct access to all the regional-specific files and settings, including user objects and resources, such as working styles, RTK
profiles, codelists, coordinate systems, stylesheets and many other configuration
files and lists. 

With an internet connection, the objects within any region can be accessed and
downloaded directly to the field device, ready to be used straightaway.

The Regional configurator can be found within the Tools panel and can be used
without needing a specific license or HxGN GeoCloud account.

The Regional configurator tool supports and recognises all types of Leica
Captivate objects, and automatically places the downloaded objects into the
correct location, so that Captivate can directly use them without any further steps required.


Indent Triangle 20x20 No background (2) Stake/Measure to line – Selection of a new working line within the app

In Leica Captivate v8.50, the option to choose a different line to use from within the Measure or Stake panel has been introduced. Now, all lines from any active job are shown in the 3D viewer and are selectable.

Using the context menu, the option Set as line to use can be used to set the selected line to be the new reference line. This new option ensures that when needing to change the reference line, the ongoing field task is not interrupted by avoiding the need to change panels or stop the measurement process.

Indent Triangle 20x20 No background (2) 3D Viewer - Snapping functionality

In Leica Captivate v8.50, a new snapping tool has been introduced to allow specific points of interest to be easily extracted from attached reference files. Within the map view, the required snapping tool can be activated from the new selection toolbar. Then, by tapping near to a point of interest on a reference object, a temporary snap marker is automatically created at the correct location. Using the context menu, any placed snap markers can be imported as points into the database, or specific functions directly performed such as accessing COGO or Stake apps. There are two snapping tools, for different types of points of interest.

Snap to end

Indent Triangle 20x20 No background (2) Snap to end/corner point

Allows snapping to the start/ends of lines or line segments, and to the corners of solid objects such as polyface meshes or 3D faces. This makes it easy to create individual points at the corners of polylines, such as building corners within a CAD file, or at the corners of solid objects such as walls within an IFC file.

Snap to arc

Indent Triangle 20x20 No background (2) Snap to arc/circle centre point

Allows snapping to the centre point of an arc or the centre point of a circle. This makes it easy to create individual points at the centre of circular objects such as the centre of a column within an IFC file. Points created with the snapping tool will automatically have the reference data layer information assigned to the Point code, and for IFC data, include the GUID as an annotation. The snapping tool is available in all map views where multiple object selection is possible, which includes the 3D viewer app, View & Edit data and the Measure app.

Import ASCII

Indent Triangle 20x20 No background (2) Import ASCII

In previous versions of Leica Captivate, when using the Import ASCII data tool,it was not possible to see how the import settings were configured, without going into the settings panel.

From Leica Captivate v8.50 onwards, an example of the data format, based on the configured import settings, is shown in the main import panel. This allows an easy way to check the current settings and proceed with import process.

Indent Triangle 20x20 No background (2) Updated Measurement Engine firmware to v7.901

With Leica Captivate v8.50 the Measurement Engine firmware has been updated to version 7.901. With this version the Precise Point Positioning (PPP) performance is improved in environments affected by ionospheric scintillation to enhance availability and accuracy. When compared to previous firmware versions, this firmware demonstrated up to 60% PPP horizontal accuracy improvements during peak scintillation events. Note that performance varies and is subject to the local environment and the duration and magnitude of scintillation. A vital part of these improvements lies in the combination of multi-constellation and multi-frequency configuration in GNSS receivers.

The Leica Captivate software version 8.50 can be loaded onto all CS Field Controllers, GS18 GNSS Sensors and TS/MS Total Stations with a CCP valid until at least 01.06.2024.

Download release notes 

New features in Leica Captivate v8.30

Prompt before storing

Indent Triangle 20x20 No background (2) Define point code after measuring the point

Prompt before storing has been redesigned to be both more simplified and more powerful. There is now only one setting – to switch it on or off, and the display configuration is removed from the settings.

captivate Perform a point measurement by tapping the code box

Indent Triangle 20x20 No background (2) Perform a point measurement by tapping the code box

A new play button on each code box gives a touchscreen user the ability to ‘tap to measure’. A single screen tap on the code box will both select that code and trigger a point measurement. This reduces the number of screen taps that are needed for measuring points, allowing to be more productive in the field.

Indent Triangle 20x20 No background (2) Fill the Code information field with Line ID & linework flag

Introducing an innovative feature that enables the storage of Line ID and/or Linework flag as Code information. By activating this setting, whenever a point is saved using linework, the Line ID and/or Linework flag will seamlessly be recorded in the point's Code information field.

The default setting Manually entering still allows the Code information to be entered manually. Be aware that the setting will only apply to subsequently measured points and will not affect already stored points.

This new setting will make it easier for “point based” data exports to contain line information and allow 3rd party software to better interpret your captured data.


Indent Triangle 20x20 No background (2) Data filter status icon & hot key to reset to default

In Leica Captivate v8.3, the clarity of when the data filter is active has been increased with the introduction of a data filter status icon. The new icon allows clearly identifying the jobs or datasets that have a data filter active, and therefore may contain points that are filtered out and not visible

Indent Triangle 20x20 No background (2) New bored tunnelling features

the Tunnel axis method has been enhanced with two additional features. The relationship of the design tunnel axis can now be determined with rotation & shift values from an alignment. In addition, the as-built attitude (orientation and pitch) of rings can now be calculated relative to the design trajectory (to deliver “lead” and “look up” values).

Volume Calculation

Indent Triangle 20x20 No background (2) Improvements in the volume calculation

A new calculation method Surface to DTM has been introduced. This allows the volume to be calculated between the defined surface, and an existing DTM.

The consistency between all the volume calculation methods has been improved, so that the “from” and “to” are always selected in the same order for every method. This means that the direction of the existing Surface to surface method has been reversed.

Create a customised system backup file

Indent Triangle 20x20 No background (2) Create a customised system backup file

A new Backup option has been added into the Format Data Memory panel. This automatically creates a system backup file, and hence a customised system recovery point

The backup includes all system settings and Leica objects but excludes jobs and data files that are stored in the internal memory.

AP20 – Tilt strength indicator bar

Indent Triangle 20x20 No background (2) AP20 – Tilt strength indicator bar

Introducing the new Tilt Initialization Meter Icon, designed to constantly monitor the strength of the tilt initialization process. When the meter bar starts to decrease or weaken, it serves as a gentle reminder to initiate additional pole movements. This is crucial for maintaining the tilt compensation status and ensuring uninterrupted tilt compensated measurements.

Indent Triangle 20x20 No background (2) AP20 – Continuous distance measurements

In previous versions of Leica Captivate, certain menus and functions were blocked or hidden when using continuous distance measurements. This restricted access to settings and certain functions unless the measurement was stopped.

However, in Leica Captivate v8.3, these restrictions have been removed, allowing access to settings and tools while keeping continuous distance measurement on. Please note that continuous distance measurements will still need to be stopped if the target type needs to be changed or if the app is switched. This improvement increases productivity, avoids losing tilt initialisation, and allows for a focused measurement workflow.

Indent Triangle 20x20 No background (2) Trigger measurements from within the total station when remotely controlled

The Set and Distance buttons are now available in the total station's Remote Control panel. This allows for starting a setup on the controller while triggering distance measurements from the total station, saving time and ensuring consistency in the Setup and Measure apps.

The Leica Captivate software version 8.3 can be loaded onto all CS Field Controllers and TS/MS Total Stations with a CCP valid until at least 01.12.2023

Download Release notes

New features in Leica Captivate v8.10

Captivate 8.10

Indent Triangle 20x20 No background (2) GeoCloud Drive support

GeoCloud Drive is the first service of HxGN GeoCloud, a cloud-based collaboration portal for measurement professionals. It allows convenient storage, sharing, and access of data in organized projects by field and office crews. Leica Captivate v8.1 supports GeoCloud Drive, enabling easy uploading and downloading of data and Leica objects from cloud-stored projects. No specific GeoCloud Drive for Captivate license is required, but access to a HxGN GeoCloud online account is necessary.

Indent Triangle 20x20 No background (2) Previous Software Updates 

Leica Captivate v8.0

Leica Captivate v7.50

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