We’re celebrating Ten Years of Leica iCON!

Here’s to a decade of trusted Construction Surveying products that bring accuracy, flexibility and productivity to our customers. Over the last 10 years the Leica iCON product range has expanded and developed to become an essential solution for construction surveying. It's now a comprehensive suite of solutions that we're very proud to introduce to customers. Its progress over the years can be measured by these milestones: 
Leica iCON

2012 - Putting the Flow in Workflow

2012 is when Leica started tailoring digital workflow solutions for Building and Heavy Construction. Leica iCON Field software featured map-centered operation, intuitive layout navigation and visual traffic-light warning system. Today the focus is on new solutions that perfect your workflows.

Leica iCON

2013 - Road Blazer

In 2013 iCON site introduces heavy construction specific applications to support roading, volumes calculation and cut/fill workflows with three brand new applications.

Leica iCON

2014 - iCB and iCR60

In 2014 Leica was the first to build a complete construction portfolio solution that offered easy transition between all supported sensors – an achievement that remains unequalled even today.

Leica Icon 2015

2015 - Seeing is Groundbreaking

To further enhance construction workflows, in 2015 we introduced the 1st 3D viewer in Leica Geosystems field software supporting 3D designs. The world is built in 3D and construction field software should support building that world.

Leica iCON

2017 - Layout Object Support

In 2017 the 1st construction field software was launched, supporting model-based layouts using IFC data with full graphical selection support and an elevation filter to isolate key work packages. 

Leica iCON

2018 - Tilt Rover GPS70T

In 2018 Leica launched the Leica iCON GPS70T, the industry’s first completely calibration-free construction tilt rover, providing unrivalled flexibility for quicker stakeout and measurement tasks.

Leica iCON

2020 - Capture. Verify. Layout.

In 2020, iCON verification app was introduced to verify on-site construction and point cloud support with the Leica Nova MS60 Multistation for the most complete layout and verification workflow on the market.

Leica iCON

2021 - Machine Control

In 2021 Leica launched iCON site’s first machine control application. The differential milling pilot for Wirtgen cold planers brings milling to the next level, saving you time and money

Reliable and Accurate Leica iCON Products

Leica Geosystems delivers market leading construction surveying technology, with the iCON range of hardware and software solutions. Designed for construction, delivering the accuracy you need to get the job done right the first time.

Leica iCON Total Stations


Digital construction has become the standard for the building construction industry as we aim to work better, faster and smarter. With Leica construction total stations, you can continue to do what you do today but in a quicker, more accurate and reliable way. Using software designed specifically for the construction industry. 

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Leica iCON GPS


The iCON construction portfolio offers a wide range of Smart Antennas, from entry-level to sophisticated high-end requirements, iCON GPS Antennas are built for the most challenging site conditions and designed to integrate with the entire iCON construction suite seamlessly.

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Leica AP20 AutoPole


The new Leica AP20 AutoPole is a revolutionary smart system for Leica robotic total stations that is designed to minimise errors. It's easy to use and enhances the digital construction workflows of Leica iCON field software with a seamless integration.

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The smart digital workflows provide increased performance and accuracy in all site tasks. Whether your focus is on stakeout of points, lines and surfaces or cut and fill and volume calculations, iCON site provides what is needed to improve quality, reduce errors and improve the entire heavy construction workflow. 

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Leica iCON Build


Leica iCON build construction software provides versatility and flexibility for field crews to conduct layout, as-built and verification tasks on projects. Improve speed, performance and accuracy with just one custom built construction software.

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NZ Customer Stories

Hear from our customers across New Zealand about their experience of using Leica iCON technology in building construction and civil construction, the challenges they've overcome and how they rate having the Global Survey team along with them every step of the way.

Taggart Earthmoving Hero 702x336

Taggart: Embracing Leica Semi-Auto Machine Control

Canterbury based civil construction company Taggart recently upgraded their Hitachi ZAXIS 210LC to Leica iCON MC1 semi-auto enabling the Operator to have the option to control not just the boom, but also the bucket and the angle of attack, plus also the tilt bucket. 

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WG de Gruchy Construction: Where Traditional Meets Digital Building Methods

Willie invested in a Leica iCON Construction Total Station to deliver accuracy and improve efficiency. Combined with Leica iCON Build software, he now has a powerful solution for use throughout the lifecycle of the build, from initial earthworks through to final fit out and asbuilt.

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Hanham & Philp

Embracing The No Strings Approach | Hanham & Philp Contractors

The desire to excel in all aspects of the business drove Hanham & Philp Contractors to investigate the potential efficiencies of digital construction. Following a demo of the Leica iCON iCR70 Total Station they saw the efficiency gains straight away. Some work that would normally take one & a half days to complete would now only take a couple of hours and use fewer personnel.

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Aerialsmiths | Pushing the Boundaries with the Latest Technology

When it comes to technology brands, Leica iCON was the natural choice for Aerialsmiths. The implementation of Leica iCON technology has streamlined their work processes and enabled the team to spend more time working in the field. The Leica iCON iCR80 reflectorless total station has made it easier to complete bush topographic surveys in hard to access areas without putting Surveyors at risk.

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