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Welcome to Autonomy & Reality Capture Hub NZ (ARCH NZ)

This user group is a central place to unite with reality capture professionals in New Zealand. As an ARCH NZ member, you have access to:

  • Regular webinars that take a deep dive into workflows and real NZ data
  • Group technical training sessions focused on skill development 
  • Regular networking with the ARCH NZ user group community

Members of ARCH NZ also benefit from priority access to the Global Survey Reality Capture specialist team and exclusive updates from Leica product specialists and developers.



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Upcoming ARCH NZ events: 

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WEBINAR: Quantifying rockfall erosion and drivers in a valley with rapid glacial retreat using UAV-mounted LiDAR and in-situ monitoring.

As mountains warm and glaciers retreat, glacial valley walls become destabilized, leading to periods of increased rockfall activity. Repeat UAV-mounted LiDAR surveys on the valley walls of Fox Glacier are combined with regional LiDAR datasets to monitor changes in topography and identify the spatial patterns of rockfall along the retreating glacier. The data will help to assess how rockfall patterns link to the processes driving rockfall.

This talk will discuss the methods used to capture the UAV-mounted LiDAR data, from planning to outputs, challenges faced and overcome, including tectonic movement and UAV restrictions, and the initial findings within the wider context of deglaciation impacts globally.

WHEN: Tuesday 23 April at 10:30am

PRESENTED BY: Jason Farr, Engineering Geological Surveyor at GNS Science


Past ARCH NZ events available to watch on-demand:

WEBINAR TECHNICAL TRAINING: Leica Reality Capture software 2024 updates

Learn about major new developments released recently in Leica Geosystems’ flagship Reality Capture Software products, which will improve the efficiency of your workflows and enable valuable new digital deliverables.


  • New data architecture and point cloud rendering engine (and .LGSx)
  • Limit Box Tiling
  • Registration Improvements
    • Using Classification for Enhanced Cloud-to-Cloud Registration
    • Improved application of control when using DAC Scanners

 Cyclone 3DR

  • New PLANT Edition including Scan to Pipe module
  • BIM File Import Improvements
  • New Visual Notes Reporting Tool
  • Image Visualisation and navigation improvements
  • Classification Improvements

PRESENTED BY: Kirsty Mackie - Reality Capture and Autonomous Survey BDM,  & Lennon Bedford - Technical Specialist at Global Survey



WEBINAR: Merging Technologies - 3D Printing, Robots and Reality Capture

Marcus Hall introduces a remarkable robot designed to survey environments too dangerous for Surveyors. It addresses a longstanding issue in surveying: how to conduct a survey without being physically connected to the equipment.

Marcus's journey, starting with a simple solution involving rope, wheels, wood, and mini prisms, led to the creation of Pipe-i, a cutting-edge robot with exciting future prospects. In his presentation, Marcus will share the trials, tribulations, and innovative path that led to this remarkable technology.

PRESENTED BY: Marcus Hall Senior Associate at Beca



WEBINAR TECHNICAL TRAINING: How automation in Leica Cyclone 3DR can contribute to a sustainable future

End to end workflows for semi-automated feature extraction, analysis and reporting in Cyclone 3DR.

A deep dive into the functionality of Leica Cyclone 3DR software with focus on the efficiencies unlocked with automation.

Three very different point cloud datasets will be used to demonstrate the sensor-agnostic power of Cyclone 3DR. You will be introduced to embedded AI tools such as Auto-Classification as well as the use of the scripting engine to speed up repetitive operations and deliver you a valuable digital deliverable quicker.

HOST: Lennon Bedford - Technical Specialist and Christchurch Branch Manager at Global Survey.

PRESENTED BY: Yannick Stenger – Product Manager at Leica Geosystems


WEBINAR: New Options for Scan to Plan (and BIM) for Surveyors

Scan to BIM/Plan is a well understood concept but still quite laborious. There are multiple approaches depending on the complexity and scale of the building being scanned.

This session shows a new approach within BricsCAD to easily create geometry from the point cloud in 3D and then process to 2D outputs. We will start with a very simple building and progress through some more challenging cases in terms of the geometry and the outputs.

PRESENTED BY: Sean Twomey, Senior Solutions Consultant, Bricsys / Hexagon



WEBINAR: Laser Scanning Tips and Tricks – From field to QA/QC

In this webinar our presenters, Kirsty Mackie and Lennon Bedford from Global Survey will discuss  various tips and tricks related to laser scanning, from field capture to quality assurance and quality control (QA/QC) of outputs. It will provide guidance on how to improve the final quality of outputs by employing certain techniques during the field capture process. The webinar will focus on the Leica laser scanning solution, however, the higher level overview of quality assurance and control steps covered in the webinar will be applicable to other laser scanning solutions as well. Overall, this webinar will provide valuable insights and practical tips for improving the quality of laser scanning outputs.

PRESENTED BY: Kirsty Mackie - Reality Capture and Autonomous Survey BDM, Global Survey & Lennon Bedford - Technical Specialist, Global Survey


WEBINAR: Drone Photogrammetry vs Drone LiDAR

Often there is an assumption that LiDAR is better than photogrammetry, but is this always the case? This webinar will compare differences in capture, processing and quality of drone photogrammetry and drone Lidar. Different sensors often mean different outputs and applications, so we will explore the capabilities of each.

Photogrammetry data from a DJI Mavic 3E drone is compared with LiDAR data from a DJI L1 LiDAR carried by a DJI Matrice 300. Leica P50 terrestrial laser scanning data is used for independent checks / comparison to both drone data sources. This webinar will also look at the full workflow from field to finish, showing data processing and end analysis/ outputs. 

PRESENTED BY: Lennon Bedford - Technical Specialist, Global Survey



WEBINAR: How To Quality Assure Point Clouds

Reality Capture is, and has always been, what Surveying is all about. UAVs and TLS devices are globally becoming extensions of the Surveyor’s toolkit. This webinar focuses on dispelling some myths about laser scanning, namely that laser scanners are just ‘point and shoot’ and that ‘all point clouds are the same’. As lots of non-surveyors pick up these tools a key point of differentiation from a Surveyor’s point of view is accuracy. This webinar will be a technical overview of laser scanning field workflows, and error identification in the final output point clouds

PRESENTED BY: Kirsty Mackie - Reality Capture and Autonomous Survey BDM, Global Survey



WEBINAR: GIS and Reality Capture Visualisation

Part 3 of our GIS series is a higher-level overview, by our very own Kirsty Mackie, on where Surveyors and GIS professionals come closer together – visualisation. GIS is fundamental to many Digital Twins. We will look at the importance of visual communication for asbuilt conditions and engineering design, some common workflows, issues and potential with GIS and point cloud data

PRESENTED BY: Kirsty Mackie - Reality Capture and Autonomous Survey BDM, Global Survey



WEBINAR: FME and Reality Capture Data

FME can read and write to 100s of different formats. This provides the capabilities to utilize LIDAR derived data alongside a variety of spatial and nonspatial data to provide fast and effective results.

In this webinar we will take a closer look and have an in-depth overview of some of the LAS Tools utilized within FME for the processing of Las data.

HOST: Kirsty Mackie - Reality Capture and Autonomous Survey BDM, Global Survey 

PRESENTED BY: Hamish Kingsbury - Principal Integration Specialist, Abley


WEBINAR: What’s your Reality Capture Digital Strategy?

Survey and Spatial New Zealand Webinar with Kirsty Mackie, discussing broader applications of reality capture and strategies that are happening in the New Zealand AEC industry.

PRESENTED BY: Kirsty Mackie - Global Survey



WEBINAR: Automating Reality Capture with Ground Robotics 

This session will walk through how ground robots are being used to automate and provide value to operations around the world.

The adoption of Ground Robots is increasing throughout multiple industries. From automated exploration missions to advanced sensing with machine learning feedback.

We will discuss basic applications in construction environments and look at how the evolution of mobile mapping is paving the way for easy adoption of ground robotics.

PRESENTED BY: Haydn Bradfield - Drone Deploy.


WEBINAR TECHNICAL TRAINING: Automation in Leica Cyclone 3DR 

Extracting value out of point clouds in a fraction of the time

Deep dive into the functionality of Leica Cyclone 3DR software including Complex Meshing, DTM Extraction, Roading and Building workflows. Real-world point cloud datasets with a focus on best practice processes and parameters, and the benefits of automation.

For those wishing to put their new skills into practice, the three local datasets used in the training have been made available for download here making it possible for members to follow along with the recording of the Webinar in their own time. Those without access to Leica Cyclone 3DR license are welcome to contact Global Survey for a free evaluation license.

HOST: Lennon Bedford - Technical Specialist and Christchurch Branch Manager at Global Survey.

PRESENTED BY: Jennifer (Ludwig) Clear - Software Application Engineer at C.R.Kennedy based in Brisbane. 


WEBINAR: The Innovator's Role in Reality Capture 

A freak incident on the Auckland Harbour Bridge in September 2020 blew a truck into a load-bearing steel beam, rendering the middle lanes unusable. The effects of the closure rippled out across Auckland's already congested motorways.

Envivo’s Nathan Cossar will provide insight into how the rapid deployment of the world’s fastest laser scanner provided engineers with a detailed 3D digital replica of the damage, in the shortest timeframe possible, allowing time-critical repairs to proceed.

HOST: Kirsty Mackie - Reality Capture and Autonomous Survey BDM, Global Survey

PRESENTED BY: Nathan Cossar - Scanning Manager, Envivo




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