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Leica iCON iCB50

NOW $12,990 SAVE $860

Take the first step from error-prone analogue layout methods to modern, accurate digital techniques. 

Package includes the Leica iCB50 Construction Total Station, on-board Leica iCON Build Software, Tripod and training from our expert team.

Let our construction team show you how to set out directly from BIM Models and integrate controller data with Autodesk BIM360 & Procore. 

The efficiencies from digital layout need to be seen to be believed!


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Rugby 610 400x400-High-Quality

Leica Rugby 610 Laser Package

SAVE $285

+ FREE Tripod & Staff

Highly accurate, one button, horizontal laser with digital receiver and 60+ hours of operation time. Great reliable laser for general construction work.

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Rugby CLX600 400x400-High-Quality

Leica Rugby CLX600 Laser Package

SAVE $680

+ FREE Tripod & Staff

+-15% fully automatic grade functionality in single axis with a dial-in option, with combo digital receiver/remote, delivering reliable performance in single slope applications.

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Rugby CLX700 400x400-Max-Quality

Leica Rugby CLX700 Laser Package

SAVE $800

+ FREE Tripod & Staff

+-15% fully automatic grade functionality in second axis with a dial-in option, with combo digital receiver/remote, delivering reliable performance in dual slope applications.

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Leica Sprinter 250M Digital Level

SAVE $480

+ FREE Tripod & Staff

Forever reliable, the Leica Sprinter 250M eliminates mistakes from misreading the staff. Simply aim and focus, measure with one-button operation and the data is accurately displayed.

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DD120 400x400-Medium-Quality

Leica DD120 Cable Locator

SAVE $225

Entry-level and intuitive Cable Locator designed to detect and avoid buried utilities throughout the excavation phase. The DD120 automated pinpointing process improves the detection of utilities, reducing utility damage and improving workforce safety.

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DD120, Transmitter & bag 400x400-Medium-Quality

Leica DD120 Cable Locator Package

SAVE $530

Everything you need to get started with safer utility detection. Package includes the Leica DD120 cable locator, 1 watt signal transmitter and carry bag for easy transportation.

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DD130 400x400-Medium-Quality

Leica DD130 Cable Locator

SAVE $250

Accurately locate and trace buried utilities, with additional features including tracing capabilities and increased depth detection. The DD130 delivers consistent and precise location capabilities for increased user confidence.

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DD130, Transmitter & bag 400x400-Medium-Quality

Leica DD130 Cable Locator Package

SAVE $620

Extend your utility detection capabilities with this package that includes the Leica DD130 cable locator, 1 watt signal transmitter and carry bag.

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Piper 100 400x400-High-Quality (1)

Leica Piper 100 Package

SAVE $900

The only pipe laser that fits in a 100mm pipe! Fully water and dust proof rugged pipe laser with remote control, target assembly and 150mm feet. 

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Piper 200 400x400-High-Quality

Leica Piper 200 Package

SAVE $970

The ultimate drainage laser with all the features of the popular Piper 100 plus Alignmaster automatic targeting system for quicker second day set up.

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Leica Trivet Assembly

WAS $915  Now $715  SAVE $200

Ideal for leveling, and positioning the Piper 100 or 200 for drainage work. Rugged quality exterior that stands up to tough environments.  




Leica DISTO X3

WAS $549  Now $469  SAVE $80

This Laser Distance Meter is designed to make indoor laser measurements an easy task. With a range of up to 150m, smart  features and an intuitive design, it is also very easy to use.


L2P5G Package 400x400-High-Quality

Leica LINO L2P5G Package

WAS $999  Now $849  SAVE $150

Latest green-beam laser technology which projects clearer and crisper laser lines at exact right angles to one another. Great multi-purpose cross and point line laser with high accuracy for detailed interior tasks.