Rugby 610 400x400-High-Quality-1

Leica Rugby 610 Laser Package

SAVE $220

+ FREE Tripod & Staff

Highly accurate, one button, horizontal laser with digital receiver and 40+ hours of operation time. Great reliable laser for general construction work.

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Rugby 640 400x400-Medium-Quality

Rugby 640 Laser Package

SAVE $260

+ FREE Tripod & Staff

The Leica Rugby 640 Laser Level Package is a professional-grade construction tool designed for accurate and efficient leveling and alignment tasks

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Rugby CLX700 400x400-Max-Quality-1

Leica Rugby CLA-CTIVE Basic Package

SAVE $180

+ FREE Tripod & Staff

With the unique capability to adapt to any application needs through software upgrades, the Leica Rugby CLA is the first upgradable laser to maximise productivity and performance onsite.

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Piper Red Beam 100 400x400-Medium-Quality

Leica Piper 100 Red Beam Package

SAVE $300

The only pipe laser that fits in a 100mm pipe! Fully water and dust proof rugged pipe laser with remote control, target assembly and 150mm feet. 

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Piper Green Beam 100 400x400-Medium-Quality

Leica Piper 100 Green Beam Package

SAVE $350

Latest green beam technology for up to 4 x better visibility. Rugged pipe laser with remote control, target assembly and 150mm feet

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Leica NA332 tripod right front 72dpi RGB (1)

Leica NA332 Optical Level Package

WAS $725  Now $615

SAVE $110

+ FREE Tripod & Staff

NA332 optical levels are robust and value-priced automatic building and construction levels. The automatic compensator and the fast optics speed up measurements on site and increase accuracy



Schonstedt ga-92xtd 580x580

Schonstedt GA-92XTd Magnetic Locator

SAVE $150

Schonstedt GA-92XTd, the most portable and easy-to-use locator on the market. With a membrane switch to enhance single-handed control and operation, it remains the locator of choice for all-around use.

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DD120 400x400-Medium-Quality

Leica DD120 Cable Locator

SAVE $175

The Leica DD120 cable locator feature advanced automatic controls making the DD100 Series easy-to-use, requiring minimal user experience.

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DS2000 600 x 400-1

DS2000 Ground Penetrating Radar with Panasonic FZ-G2 Toughbook

SAVE $3,700

The Leica DS2000 Ground Penetrating Radar [GPR] finds all potential threats, including non-conductive pipes and fibre optics, increasing safety by lowering the risk of accidentally hitting underground assets.

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trupulse200X 400

Laser Rangefinder TruPulse 200X

WAS $4,595  Now $3,675

SAVE $920

The TruPulse 200X model measures distances and heights and is available in LTI red. It comes standard with a serial port, offers in-scope data display with 7x power optics and runs on 1 CR123A battery.




Leica DISTO D2

WAS $325  Now $275

SAVE $50

The Leica DISTO D2 laser distance meter calculates area and volume and remembers the last 10 measurements taken. Use the Add/Subtract capability to combine measurements to get a precise reading of the total wall area of a room.  



L2P5G Package 400x400-High-Quality

Leica LINO L2P5G Package

WAS $1,095  Now $985 

SAVE $110

Latest green-beam laser technology! Great multi-purpose cross and point line laser with high accuracy for detailed interior tasks.